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Connect to Insiders:
This database is a great way to develop a target list of companies where you would like to work. Most are in the San Francisco Bay area. Importantly, you can review job openings and connect with Company Insiders here.
Become an Insider:
You can sign up here to become a Company Insider or to change your Company Insider status.
This database is a great place to look for job opportunities. It includes startups that have recently received significant amounts of funding from major venture capital firms. When startups receive funding, they typically hire staff.
Job Seekers:
Opportunity for our members who are in job transition to have their resumes seen by hiring managers. For hiring mangers, this is a chance to focus on job seekers who will likely be great team players given their ethic of helping others.
Job Leads:
This list includes job leads posted by our members. All have a link to a Company Insider who can help connect the job seeker to the hiring manager. These job leads are kept on the website for two weeks, then deleted.
Add Jobs:
All members can post jobs. Companies with staff who have signed up on the site can post as many jobs as they like. There are no fees for posting job leads. The company name for all job leads must be included.
Your Connections:
Lists the connection requests you make and the status of each. Also provides a way for you to “score” how helpful each is, so we can insure Company Insiders respond to your requests. You can also add your own personal contacts, so you have one place to manage all of your Networking contacts.