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Help make the world a better place: We believe networking done right is an act of social justice. The people we help are not only close friends, but also other members we don’t know personally. All of us differ by religion, ethnic group, gender, and our private relationships. But in common, we all practice “love your neighbor” and help each other without prejudice*.
* This ethic is in most moral codes in the world, and research shows that people who practice it are more successful in their job transitions…and in life in general.
Companies to target: Silicon Valley has lots of firms. Career Actions has information about more than two-thousand. Using the site, I screened firms by type (established verses startup), by industry and by geographic area. I then clicked through to their websites and found out available job openings. The result of this focused approach is 25 firms that I am targeting. …Adam
Talk to Company Insiders: For one of the firms I was targeting I found a job opening that seemed perfect. A Company Insider was listed and I requested a connection. We talked and he suggested some changes to my resume. I made them and he forwarded my resume on. Since my resume came from an Insider, the hiring manager looked at it, and liked what she saw. I got the job… Jia
Get ongoing support: Recently, my jobs are only lasting two or three years. But my job searches continue to be long and stressful. Career Actions has helped. Rather than networking with people who might help me, I networked with people who have pledged to help me. After I got a job, I stayed on as a member so I can quickly relaunch a search when this job ends…Tallah